Girls belong

Girls belong outside.

…but maybe don’t always know how to get outside and into the wilds.

The goal of this website is to bring the basic info on all things outdoors.

From couch to the woods, every girls’ daydream.

New to hiking? Find your get-started basics here. Want to try tent camping for the first time, or in a new climate? Enjoy the outdoors after you’ve packed everything you need on this checklist. Going big and backpacking? Learn how to best pack your backpack with step-by-step illustrations and pictures.

The title says illustrated guides, and that’s exactly right. Cartoon sketches lead the way, and illustrations show exactly what we mean when we say we’ll show you how to pack your backpack.

What do you want to learn about? What are you curious about? What about the outdoors mystifies, terrifies, or confuses you most? I want to hear about it, and I’ll explain it here!
woman backpacker enjoying the view on morning mountain valley

Women belong in the outdoors.

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